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Drilling Groups

TPA is excited to announce that we're starting drilling groups!

Visit the sign-up page and enter your name, phone number and skill level. This information will then be listed on the sign-up page. From this list, you can contact people that are looking for a group and form your own groups of four. If you are a group looking for a member, you can also find one on this page. Once you are a member of a drilling group, please remove your name from the sign-up.

Note: If you did NOT get into a group in the original sign-up, you should sign up again using the new page.

*** Please do not schedule your drilling session during the open play sessions on the courts,

as that violates City of Tallahassee rules for court usage.***

Sign up here

 Click here to download the TPA Drilling Guide

 Click here to download the TPA Drilling Guide for two players

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