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There are hundreds of Pickleball players in Florida's Big Bend area. Tallahassee Pickleball Association, Inc. has been formed to bring these players together in one organization that can work with government and the business community to provide much needed improvements in access to Pickleball courts and services. Some basic needs include:

  • additional courts commensurate with our numbers, including some covered outdoor courts and additional indoor courts;  
  • shade structures for existing courts at Tom Brown Park and the new courts at Southeast Park;
  • water fountains, bottle fillers, and bathrooms convenient to the courts;
  • regularly scheduled Pickleball training at all levels, including free clinics to attract beginners and bring them quickly up to speed; skill level clinics (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, etc.), and ratings assessments;
  • regularly scheduled leagues, ladder leagues, round-robins, and tournaments;
  • regional tournaments that will bring in competitive players from around the southeast region and provide a positive economic impact for the community.

Local government has limited resources, and competition for those resources is strong. TPA works with local government and business to encourage allocation of resources to Pickleball. We will also work to assist local government development of Pickleball courts and services through cost-sharing and volunteer activity. Pickleball communities throughout the country have formed similar clubs and associations, and have achieved remarkable results. By joining as a TPA member you will be helping us create a Pickleball experience that our Big Bend Area players can be proud of.

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