Tallahassee Pickleball Association

Welcome to your Pickleball site for the Big Bend Area

Our Mission

The Tallahassee Pickleball Association, Inc. (TPA) is a Florida nonprofit corporation promoting Pickleball in the Big Bend area of Florida. We will support local government and private efforts to increase Pickleball courts and services in the region. Communities throughout the southeast have experienced positive economic impact from their local Pickleball associations, and TPA will work to provide the same benefit.

Board of Directors

President - Cathy Bedsole

Vice President - Holly Snyder

Treasurer - Elizabeth (Betsy) Lieberman

Director -  Jim Bolden

Director - JoAnn Cox

Director - Sean Rady

Director  - Pat Sargent

Past President (non voting) - Rodney Houck

Community Liaison - Fred Markham

Website Manager - Melissa Powell

Newsletter Manager - Judy Howes

Communication Committee Chair - JoAnn Cox

Event Committee Co-Chairs - Ebo Barefoot and Cathy Bedsole

Photographer/Videographer - Marlon Mutuc

Tallahassee Pickleball Association, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(3).
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